• November 2015 through the STW Perspective programme a unique cooperation, named SLING (Slosing of Liquefied Natural Gas) has been established between top ranking research groups, the international LNG industry, the Dutch shipping and shipbuilding industry, Dutch engineering companies and Marin. Accede belonged to the first initiators of this 5.3 M Euro research programme, with a 3.45 M Euro grant from STW. Click here to read more about this news release.
  • November 2014 the Linerbag® at Avia Marees in Kolhorn (NL) is filled with gasoline. Click here to read more about this news release.
  • June 2014 Fabricom, one of the largest Dutch tank constructors and Accede have installed the first Linerbag® products at Avia Marees in Kolhorn (NL). Click here to read more about this news release.
  • February 2014 the first Linerbag products for fuel-storage application are being realised at the Avia Marees depot in Kolhorn (NL).
  • January 2014 Accede signed an agreement with Cofely Fabricom GDF Suez for the application of various Accede products in the tank storage industry. Fabricom is one of the largest tank builders in The Netherlands, operates world-wide and is a 100% daughter of GDF Suez Energy Services. Read more about the news release.
  • As of 1st January 2013 the ADR (Accord européen relatif au transport international des marchandises Dangereuses par Route)articles and specify that all loads, including liquid loads in tank trucks, trailers and tank containers must be fixed and not move at all or need to at least be stabilised according to EN 12195.
  • April 2012Accede developed a Cairbag® system for Green Contracting Company Punt in Rotterdam, preventing all dynamic movement of the liquid during transport, enabling Punt to perform their work safely.
  • November 2011Accede performed a pilot project in a fixed roof tank of Avia Marees in Kolhorn (NL), demonstrating that storage tanks with a fixed roof can be made emission-free with the use of a Cairbag and/or Linerbag system.
  • May 2011, Accede’s Cairbag® is elected for the Mercedes-Benz Blue-EFFICIENCY Award.
  • October 2010, Accede won the prestigious Innovation prize in the category “Engineering & Accessories” at the expo PetroTrans held in Kassel, Germany from September 30 – October 2 2010.
  • April 2010, Accede’s Cairbag® is awarded with a TÜV certificate for loading securing device complying with load-security requirements according to EN 12195 and VDI 2700.
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