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Safety and environmental issues are main topics of concern in the transport sector. Liquids transported in tank trucks, tank trailers or containers are subjected to large variations in forces and impulses during accelerating and braking, which do not allow for safe, effective and economic handling of the truck or trailer. Fuel consumption increases due to the constant energy required for the movement of the liquid. This increase in fuel consumption is dependent on the weight and viscosity of the liquid, the filling rate and the driving speed of the transport device. Baffle plates, whilst only improving the sloshing in driving direction and not in sideward direction, increase the weight further, thus creating even more fuel consumption.

tank transport cairbag

Accede’s Cairbag® system resolves these issues. The Cairbag® system fills up all the free space in the tank not taken up by the liquid, so that there is no free air present in the tank. The Cairbag® system stabilises the load to avoid sloshing and vaporisation, making the transportation of liquids and dry bulks safer and more economical and environmentally friendly. When the Cairbag® system is used in combination with a Linerbag, also known as a productbag, the product is contained inside the Linerbag, reducing cleaning costs of the tank or container considerably whilst allowing for faster re-use of the tank or container.

tank transport cairbag

The Cairbag® system and Linerbag applications for tank containers are in many ways identical as for tank trucks and offer the same advantages. Furthermore, tank containers are rarely equipped with baffle plates and can seldom be fully loaded as the maximum allowed weight of the tank container will be exceeded. An additional advantage for the use of Cairbags in sea-going tank containers is that the (off)-loading cost will drop. Non-stabilised liquid carrying tank containers have to be loaded at the lowest point of the container ship whilst a container stabilised with a Cairbag® system does not.


Working principles of the Cairbag ® system



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