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> Tank Transport Linerbag System

The cleaning of tanks and trucks is an unattractive necessity with many liquids being transported; it costs time and money.

A Linerbag (productbag) is placed inside the tank and contains all the (liquid) product, ensuring that no part of the tank is subjected to any form of contact with the liquid; this considerably reduces cleaning costs, tank maintenance and repair costs and allows for a faster re-use of the tank. In addition the Linerbag system prevents vaporisation and maintains the product quality as contact with free air in the tank is prevented.


When a Linerbag product is used in combination with a CairbagĀ® system, the Linerbag can be made of a thinner material, as the liquid contained in it is stabilised against sloshing. This allows for more economical re-usable or once-off use Linerbag solutions. Click here for more information about the CairbagĀ® system.

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