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A Cairbag® system is an innovative air cushion that is installed and inflated inside a tank of a tank trailer, tank truck or tank container, meant for the transportation of liquids or dry bulks.  The Cairbag® system fills at all times that part of the tank not taken by the liquid, so that there is no free air present in the tank. A Cairbag® system is a load securing device that avoids sloshing and vaporisation of liquids, making transportation safer, more economical and environmentally friendly.

The Cairbag® system offers:

  • Economic advantage as Cairbag® systems are lower in purchase price than baffle plates;
  • Fuel savings of up to 5% (TÜV certified) as no energy is lost due to the sloshing of the liquid. The Cairbag® system contributes to CO2 reduction;
  • Reduction of accidents like roll-overs and jack-knifing, as the stability increases significantly and the braking distance decreases at high speed;
  • Better driving conditions during the so-called “stop-and-go” driving, like in congested traffic, as there is no shoc-effect of the sloshing load;
  • Zero emission of (dangerous) liquids as the Cairbag® fills all the free space not taken by the liquid, thus preventing vaporisation losses;
  • Improved security as the flammable liquid is separated from the air, reducing the risk of fire and explosion;
  • Weight reduction of the tank truck/ tank container when baffle plates are replaced by Cairbags, enabling to transport a higher net load.

How does the Cairbag® system work?

The practical use of the Cairbag® system for a top loaded tank truck

Step 1: Tank truck arrives at destination   Step 2: Tanker is filled
Step 3: Bag is filled with air and
the liquid is fixated by the slight overpressure
  Step 4: Tanker goes to destination
Step 5: Tanker arrives at destination   Step 6: Liquid is delivered, possibly with extra help of the overpressure of the Cairbag® system

Step 7: After off-loading the Cairbag® system can slowly deflate when the truck drives to the next loading or cleaning address. Now the Cairbag® system can be removed for cleaning, replaced by a new Cairbag® system or be left in place for the next cargo.

In case of bottom-loading and a permanently installed Cairbag® system, the Cairbag® remains to be inflated to full tank volume size when the truck drives to the next loading address. The Cairbag® deflates simultaneously with the tank being filled at the loading address.

Design and shape
The bag wall and bag material have to create a certain stiffness or resistance against deformation by changing forces within the liquid. This resistance depends on the material used for the bag and the wall thickness, especially when a standard common (one chamber) bag is used. The bag can alternatively be designed and constructed in a multi chamber version or for example with a harmonic type of folding wall.

Bag material
Cairbag® systems can be made of a large range of different materials. The choice of materials is firstly based on the liquid which is to be stabilised inside the tank. The bag material needs to be chemically resistant against the liquid, which can be categorised into: dangerous (ADR), non-dangerous or food, chemicals and hydrocarbons. Equally important is that the bag material has a low permeability, so that it looses as little air as possible when inflated.
Bags for more complex requirements are usually made of a multi layer or composite material whereby the materials used guarantee permeability, chemical resistance, strength and stability functionality.
The wall thickness is primarily dependent on the durability. Once-off use bags are usually of a small wall thickness to allow these bags to be cost effective in its application and for ergonomic reasons (low weight at installation and removal).

The pneumatic part of a Cairbag® system can vary from just an open/close valve at the air in/outlet of the air cushion for an intermittently used bag to a complex system including a nitrogen recovery unit for a special gas-filled bag. The pneumatic devices allow for both safe operations as well as protect the bag and tank against over pressurisation.

Other Accessories
There are several accessories that can be added to the Cairbag® systems. A warning light on the dashboard of the truck for example, indicating that there is insufficient pressure in the air cushion in case of Cairbag® failure or a warning light indicating loss of cargo while driving (or theft when standing still).

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