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Cairbag® and Linerbag systems can be installed and used in different ways, dependent on the application.

A number of applications are illustrated and explained below:

Cairbag® system flexible in use
A Cairbag® system can be permanently installed in the tank but can also be installed only when driving with a partial load;
Cairbag® system with fixed volume  
  Cairbag® system with fixed volume, thus preventing to exceed the maximum authorised weight during transport or as an alternative for the shortening of a tank;
Cairbag® system with variable volume  

This permanently installed Cairbag® system is most commonly applied on trucks and trailers with fixed tanks which have multiple (off-) loading points during one trip, i.e.

  • One cargo pick-up point and more offloading points, or
  • More cargo pick-up points and one offloading point.
The volume of the Cairbag® in/de-creases during loading or off-loading;
The intermittently used Cairbag system  
  The intermittently used Cairbag® system is most commonly applied on tank trucks and trailers with fixed tanks which have one loading and off-loading point per cargo (or per trip) and whereby the tank is not completely full or empty during transport. The Cairbag® volume and the cargo volume remain unchanged allowing the Cairbag® system to be disconnected from the pneumatic system.
Cairbag® system for axle pressure guarantee
Mounting a Cairbag® system in a fixed position in the tank avoids pressure imbalance on an axle or can guarantee a minimum axle pressure (whilst driving in the mountains);
Cairbag® system to maintain product quality
The Cairbag® system ensures product quality (beer, wine) as the free space in the tank is no longer filled with free air. There is no interaction between the air and the product, thus preventing turning sour or drying of the product;
Cairbag® systemfor detection purposes
The Cairbag® system enables the detection of theft and loss of the load by giving an alarm signal. This alarm is activated as soon as continuous air supply is required to maintain the pressure level of the Cairbag® whilst not off-loading or whilst the tank truck is driving;
Thermal Cairbag® system
A thermal Cairbag® system improves efficient cooling and heating in a tank and has a positive effect on the energy consumption;
Cairbag® system in combination with a Linerbag (productbag)
The Cairbag® system in combination with a Linerbag system whereby the product is transported in a Linerbag and whereby the Cairbag® ensures for stability. This reduces cleaning costs and allows for a faster re-use of the tank. Click here for more details about the Linerbag



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