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Global oil and chemical storage capacity is increasing rapidly and is expected to grow even further in the coming years. Safety is a vital aspect in the tank storage industry and stringent environmental regulations in the US and Europe are proving to be challenging.

Accede developed a Cairbag® and Linerbag® system that results in a reduction of emission levels from liquid bulk storage tanks for chemicals and oil products. The bag separates air from the flammable product and thus reduces fire and explosion risks, avoids evaporation and subsequent environmental damages as well as corrosion of the steel tank wall. The Cairbag® and Linerbag® system is also effective for storing food stuffs, as bacteria and viruses are avoided because the product does not come into contact with free air inside the tank.

Tank Storage

The Cairbag® system, shown as the orange bag, is positioned inside the tank and fills at all times that space inside the tank that is not taken by the liquid, hence avoiding any free air to be present in the tank and eliminating contact between liquid and air.
The Linerbag® system, shown underneath the Cairbag® system, creates a “double hull” and contains all liquid inside the tank. The Linerbag® membrane prevents leakage of the liquid into the tank. Corrosion of the steel tank is hereby avoided and cleaning costs and down-time considerably reduced.
These bag systems can be implemented in new as well as in existing terminals.



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