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Steiger is Dutch for scaffolding.


The working method of the Steigerbag

  1. 3-dimensional material (rubber) that is welded to form a closed space with air connections.
  2. Liquid- and air-tight material.
  3. The shape is fixed through inflation. 100 millibar working pressure provides enough carrying capacity for people.
  4. Floats on water. Inflated thickness 5 - 30 cm.
  5. The Steigerbag is fixed by using a separate inflatable "bicycle tire" with a variable width along the circumference of the 3-d disc.
  6. A modular build-up with rings to form a larger diameter, whereby each segment fits through a manhole. (Not tested yet)


The first prototype of the Steigerbag

Consists of a round, hard-inflated disc, made of a 3-dimensional rubber, a separate inflatable "bicycle tire" and some pneumatics.

Possible advantages of an inflatable working platform in storage tanks compared to traditional scaffolding

  1. Easier to install and remove.
  2. Significantly less material.
  3. Access via the external staircase of the tank.
  4. Conforms better to the "no-entry" requirement.
  5. Simple and fast change of working level.
  6. 100% closed workfloor which connects with the tank wall along the entire circumference.
  7. No personnel in the tank on different levels.
  8. Less risk of damage during removal from the tank.
  9. Easier to certify (if still necessary).
  10. Possibly economically more attractive due to lower rent and build-up or lower acquisition and operational costs.


How does the "Steigerbag" work?


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