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Linerbag® systems are productbags that contain all the liquid stored in a tank without holding any air or vapour, eliminating evaporation of the liquid and thus making tanks emission free. Linerbags separate the stored liquid from the steel tank wall, creating a second hull which protects the tank wall from corrosion and reducing the cleaning requirements. The Linerbag® system also allows for proper inspection of the bottom plates.

A floating roof tank can also be equipped with a Linerbag® system only, as illustrated below. A big advantage is that the Linerbag is relatively easy to remove for periodical inspections.

Possibility of re-usable bags
In case of multiple consecutive product storage in a tank, an empty product specific Linerbag, which is not in use, is left inside the tank, while another product specific Linerbag can be used at that same moment.

Why use a Linerbag® system:

  • To eliminate evaporation of the liquid;
  • To minimise cleaning of the tank;
  • To protect against corrosion of the tank floor and wall;
  • To avoid spills by enabling early leak detection;
  • To enable thermal isolation of the liquid.

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