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A Cairbag® system is an innovative air cushion that is installed and inflated inside the storage tank, filling that part of the tank not taken by the liquid. The Cairbag®, shown as the orange bag, contains all the air inside the tank, leaving no “free air” for the liquid to evaporate in. A Cairbag® product is filled with a small overpressure such that the thermoplast and oversized material seals off the potential space between the inner tank wall and the Cairbag® system;

The Cairbag® system offers:

  1. Significant advantages for the stored product:
    • As there is practically no evaporation of the product;
    • Better conservation of the product as there is no contact with the air inside the tank;

  2. Safer and more environmentally friendly:
    • as the concept is “emmission free” and therefore has less impact on the environment;
    • significantly less risk of fire and explosion as emmission is prevented;

  3. Lower cost and therefore economically more attractive because:
    • The purchase of a Cairbag® system is cheaper than a vapour recovery system;
    • The vapour recovery system has a much higher energy consumption and requires operational employees due to its technical complexity;
    • No or less cleaning is required and down-time is therefore reduced;
    • The tank has a longer lifespan and less reparation cost due to corrosion delay/prevention;
    • Better product sustainability and prevention of vaporisation;
    • Reduced insurance premium due to considerably lower fire and explosion risk;
    • Ability to minimise the distance between the storage tanks due to significantly lower fire and explosion risk.

Innovative construction of tanks:

The Cairbag® product may become the roof of a fixed roof storage tank, while the wall of the tank may be constructed of materials other than steel, reducing the weight and the investment cost of the tank and subsequent maintenance costs.

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