> Tank Storage Applications

Cairbag® systems and Linerbag® products can be installed and used in different ways, dependent on the application.

A number of applications are illustrated and explained below:

  • Cairbag® systems that take up all the free space inside the tank, leaving no free air in the tank

    A Cairbag® system, containing just clean air, can be installed in a fixed roof tank; the product is located underneath the Cairbag® membrane.


  • Linerbag® systems inside the tank containing the stored liquid

    A Linerbag® product is placed inside the tank and holds the liquid product stored in the tank.
    The bag is always as big as the volume of the liquid.

  • A combination of a Cairbag® system and Linerbag® system

    A combined use of a Cairbag® system and a Linerbag® system in a fixed roof tank are also possible.

  • “Cairbag® Tank” combined fixed and floating roof

This application combines the advantages of a fixed and floating roof tank. In this solution the roof of the tank will be formed with the top of the bag, which is always above the steel or concrete sidewall, like a fixed roof tank. The bottom of the bag presses on the liquid with a slight overpressure, like a floating roof. There is no free air between the air cushion and the stored liquid. The bag moves with the liquid when liquid is added or withdrawn from the tank.


  • A limited Cairbag® system that forms a blanket on the surface of the liquid.

  • Specials: evacuation of last liquid and purge support.
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