> LNG Cairbag System

The floating CairbagĀ® will be positioned on top of the LNG in the containment system of an LNG vessel, comparable to an air mattress on water and is filled with nitrogen in order to reduce the sloshing effect of the LNG on sea to a minimum. Accede patented and developed a LNG specific Cairbag system comprising many sections of random sizes and random rectangular shapes. The Cairbag has provisions to allow for the transfer of the most energetic LNG molecules from the liquid phase below the Cairbag product to the vapour phase on top of the Cairbag. The nitrogen fill of the Cairbag system can also be made to flow through the Cairbag rather than to be permanently positioned inside the Cairbag product. The nitrogen could thus provide for cooling of the LNG on the most suitable position being the top layer of the LNG. The Cairbag system can be engineered such that it maintains the liquid phase of the LNG fixated with its containment system or such that the top surface remains (near to) horizontal. The latter may be required to avoid local over-pressurising of the membrane wall when the LNG vessel is subjected to severe sea conditions subjecting the LNG vessel to significant roll and pitch.



What Cairbag systems in LNG vessels offer:

  • Avoid the sloshing of LNG inside the tank and hence damage to the membrane wall;
  • Reduce vaporisation of LNG;
  • Improve efficiency of transportation;
  • Improve economics i.e. lower investment, greater net payload and reduction of maintenance cost.
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