Inflatable, variable volume components

Inflatable components of the variable volume type have the same diameter as the mobile tank diameter they are to be used in. This type of component allows for partial liquid cargo collection or dispatching in one trip, like for milk at farms or fuel dispatching to fuel stations. When the tank is filled with liquid, the liquid contact surface, at the lower part of the component, will be ”pushed up” by the overpressure of the liquid in the fill process whereby (clean, non liquid vapor contaminated) air is discharged from the component (to the outside air). The air volume reduction of the variable volume component results in component material to become spare causing ”flaps” to be formed against the inner-tank wall. Once, at any fill rate of the mobile tank, the liquid fill process stops the liquid fill pressure disappears and the liquid stablizes to its lowest possible centre of gravity, thereby further stretching the component material which is in contact with the liquid. The stretching and tensioning of the component material, and the hydrostatic pressure on the ”flaps” ensure the shape retention and load transfer of the comonent in any and all rigorous driving conditions.

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