Inflatable, fixed volume components

Horizontal cylinder-shaped tanks, as used in tank trucks and tank-containers, can be provided with cylinder-shaped inflatable components. The length of the component is the same as the length of the mobile tank. The diameter of the component is smaller than the tank diameter, subject to the required volume reduction of the tank. The fixed volume inflatable component may be used in case whereby filling the tank 100% with liquid would result in exceedding the maximum allowed weight (on the road) of the means of transportation. This is particularly the case with maximum volume sized 20’ tank-containers being used for the ransportation of liquids with a higher specific gravity.

The fixed volume component reduces the pay-load volume of the tank when inflated such that the maximum allowed weight will not be exceeded while the liquid is stabilised, secured as it cann’t slosh. The inflatable component is made of a material with a high Young’s modulus and is therefor hardly elastic. The strength of the material allows for inflation to a pressure which is always more than the pressure occuring in the liquid due to ac-,deceleration or to driving through bends. The inflatable component therefor complies with the requirement of retaining its shape, dimensions and thus of its volume in all circumstances. The enclosed position between the inner tank wall and the virtually non-compressible liquid also ensures the component to transfer all occuring loads between liquid and mobile tank.

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