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The LNG market is one of the fastest growing sectors in the energy market. Between 2005 and 2010, the size of the LNG market has doubled. Currently LNG accounts for approximately 40% of the global gas supply.
LNG is a natural gas that is stored and transported in liquid form at a temperature of -162°C (-256°F). LNG takes up 600 times less space than regular natural gas at ambient temperature and pressure which makes it easier to store than natural gas and efficient to transport over long distances. As a result of the turnaround into liquid gas, LNG has a higher methane content and is considered “cleaner” than pipeline gas. For the difficult transport of LNG, special LNG vessels are used.

For this purpose Accede has developed and patented the highly innovative LNG Cairbag® system

and the LNG Thermal Isolation Wall.

Both the LNG Cairbag® system and the LNG Thermal Isolation Wall virtually eliminate evaporation which leads to more payload and therefore more cargo reaching its destination. The Cairbag® system ensures that the sloshing of the LNG, caused by sea waves, is reduced to a minimum or completely eliminated.

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